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Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical industry in India is highly diversified and includes more than 80,000 commercial products. The broad classifications of these industries are: Bulk Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymers and Fertilizers. There are some challenges that Chemical Industry manufacturers face as part of the production process. Some of those include- maintaining safety standards, continuous research & development and likewise.

Cost control on fuel & power, operations, plant maintenance, logistics etc is extremely crucial for chemical manufacturing companies.

Chemical Manufacturing Industry
ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry

The production process in this industry is remarkably complex. Systematizing and recording the production process assists in successful maintenance of the complex workflow and procedures. Recording the data centrally also assists in further R&D, which is a major requirement in the chemical industry.

BizERP has been deployed for our clients in the Chemical Industry as per their unique requirements. The robust and scalable nature of the software has equipped it to grow with your business, and adapt to the growing needs of the organization.

ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Biz ERP is an end-to end solution that has Inventory & Stock Management, Purchase Management, Production Management, Sales Management, Job Work, Quality Management & add on modules like: Finance & Accounting, HRMS & Payroll are also available. MIS Reports, assist in taking quick management decisions. The comprehensive Dashboard gives a birds eye view perspective of the entire operations, & timelines of projects. A complete control over these areas, gives you a mileage ahead of your competitors

Business ERP Solutions

These are some of the very important requirements fulfilled by BizERP, for the chemical industry.

The architectonics of the software is based on the requirements of our clients and not rigid to our standards. We have a problem solving approach while implementing BizERP for our clients and our ultimate goal is to help our clients reach new heights.

Our experience in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry provides us a leverage with insights from the pain points of our clients. We have successfully deployed Biz ERP for our clients in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry.

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