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EPC Contractors industry

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. EPC project management industry is a vast one dealing with multiple systems, technologies and machinery. The entire process of EPC plays a vital role in planning and executing operations related to rural electrification, transmission & distribution, and substations. Besides, EPC is also widely used in civil engineering like solar panel assembly, road and bridge construction, irrigation and water distribution network.

BIZ ERP has vast knowledge about this segment. We understand the work process involved in EPC. Our ERP solution experts can design and develop systems that match the EPC standard and requirements in the best possible manner.

ERP in Manufacturing Industry

Fulfil Your EPC Project Requirements with Best ERP Solutions

BIZ ERP brings advanced solutions to match the unique, regular and particular requirements of EPC. To enable smooth operations in EPC, it is required to track and monitor the on-site inventories and expenses through a trusted and efficient system. We can create that system for EPC contractors.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have vast experience in the industry of ERP solutions for EPC
  2. We deliver bespoke solutions to match the specific needs of clients.
  3. We have modern units where advanced technologies are available.
  4. We work with better planning and relevant scheduling.
  5. Our experts try to streamline enquiry, estimation and quotations.
  6. We are well-aware of the latest needs of the engineering industry.
  7. We never miss our deadline and always available for after-sales services.
  8. We maintain transparency while delivering the service and receiving payments.

Key Features of Our ERP Solution for EPC

Implement one of the most trusted ERP solutions for your organization:

Our experience with EPC companies gives us an advantage and better understanding of the issues faced by this particular nature of business. The robust architecture of the software ensures smooth running and data safety. Biz ERP ensures scalability of the software according to your organization.

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