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Food Processing Industry

Food processing is a very vast sector in India.The food processing industry covers a large variety of products like: spices, milk products, packaged food like- biscuits, chips and likewise.

It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and contributes to the consumption and export of food products.

Food processing involves various steps like- preservation, toxin removal, packaging, distribution and much more.

The food production process has various challenges like- organizing the supply chain, inventory management, quality control, warehouse management and other such operational challenges.
Using an ERP helps in streamlining these processes and results in saving time and production costs.

ERP for Food Processing Industry

Biz ERP is an end-to-end software solution that has been designed to streamline and solve the operational challenges of businesses.Biz ERP provides solutions like: Inventory Management, CRM, Production Management, Quality Management. There are various tailored MIS Reports that assist in taking crucial management decisions. The Dashboard gives a comprehensive bird’s eye view report of every important aspect of your business. BizERP has been successfully implemented in this sector.

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