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Purchase Management

Assists in tracking and recording purchases from multiple vendors.

Sales Management

Assists in managing the end to end sales process.

Project Management

This is an intensive module that provides step by step, tracking of a project providing a complete overview of the project.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Monitor your resources for each project with features like resource allocation, manpower allocation, purchase allocation and more…

Inventory Management

Provides an overview of the entire stock, according to per SKU. This enables allotment of resources to each project and also keeps a track of the resources from a single point of access.

Production Module

Production management is a compilation of various modules that organizes the manufacturing process systematically.

Financial Management

Often businesses use a separate platform to maintain the accounts.The accounting module allows end to end finance management under one platform.

HRMS & Payroll Management

Essential functions to manage and record every aspect of HR operations.

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