Business ERP solutions is a software package that companies use to manage their day to day activities like supply chain, management, HRM and marketing processes. The software successfully collects all business data and organise them successfully. Thus with an organised database, the workflow within the company gets faster. You can provide better customer service to your customers as your systems will become more efficient.

In short, a business ERP solution in Kolkata helps companies to become more customer-centric and productive. Although the system has its own set of drawbacks as well, however, ERP solutions for SMEs have helped them become more professional and profitable nowadays.

Check Out The Major Features Of Business ERP Solutions That Are Beneficial For The Company.

Management of company finances with Business ERP Solutions

 An ERP software system creates a sound financial the information is stored in an organised manner; hence financial statements can be made as and when required. Thus can assess the financial performance of the company easily. It keeps real-time track of all expenses, profits, incomes and losses. Since all modules for the companies are present in the ERP software hence, the management becomes easy.

ERP Solutions for SMEs

Management of customers

CRM or customer relationship management is an inseparable part of ERP. With the help of this software, you can keep a record of all necessary customer information. It helps in keeping track of timely after-sale services. Moreover, the software also maintains data on the preference and demands of the customers, which is helpful for the marketing teams to devise selling and product development strategies.

Management of the supply chain system

The ERP supply chain module helps the company take care of demand, supply, manufacturing status, and distribution. With all the data integrated and organised, the whole supply chain system moves efficiently. It is an important feature of the ERP software that helps SMEs to operate their daily processes without any hindrance.

Management of employees with Business ERP Solutions

HRM is also a part of ERP software. Earlier, maintaining hectic data about employees and making up the payroll process was difficult. Companies had to recruit many people for the job. However, things changed with the introduction of the ERP process. Now payroll management is an easy task. Moreover, the HRM process has now been customised according to the needs of the company. Some of the ERP solutions in HRM include performance measurement, scheduling, talent management and recruitment.

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