The pandemic and the subsequent work-from-home facility have bought a new wave in the Enterprise Resource Planning software industry. However, suppose a business owner wants to increase business efficiency to ensure business continuity and improve productivity through business ERP software. In that case, he should first learn how to adapt to the new normal. Similarly, an interesting fact about the software is that it can customize it according to the size of your company. If you are not sure whether you should consider ERP solutions, know more about them.

Few Types of Businesses Which Can Benefit Through Business ERP Software

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Warehousing and Inventory
  • Materials Management
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Customer Relations
  • Purchase or Procurement
  • E-commerce
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing or Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing

ERP Solutions for SMEs

Impact Of COVID On The ERP Industry

There has been a recent spurt in demand for ERP software due to the COVID -19 pandemic. Some businesses have been forced to close their offices to avoid spreading the virus temporarily. It is forcing people to work from home. For instance, business owners have started looking for a suitable Business ERP Solution in Kolkata to keep track of their employees.

Gone are when ERP software was only used by large enterprises and organizations with complex processes and multiple business functions. Recently, a digital transformation wave has made ERP more affordable, accessible, and agile. Numerous small and medium-sized industries are willing to make the most of the software. In addition, the primary objective of the ERP solution is to provide business owners with an integrated and unified system to manage various functions in an organization efficiently.

Importance Of Business ERP Software In The Service Industry

Before the pandemic, small and medium-sized companies depended on on-premises systems to keep track of their employees. Most Importantly, the pandemic has bought a major change in the scenario. To speed track the transition process, for instance, you need a suitable ERP solution. You have to adopt technologies aligning with your business goals. More and more industries are switching to Enterprise Resource Planning.

The right solution helps improve productivity and efficiency and reduces the costs and time required for a specific task. There are some restrictions on non-essential goods and services. Small and medium-sized industries can ensure business sustainability during the pandemic if they gear up for the expedited digital adoption.

Few Benefits Offered By Cloud-Based Business ERP Software

  • In addition, it is an integrated solution that helps in streamlining all the business processes and functions.
  • The solution offers remote access, which makes it suitable for the new normal way of working.
  • Above all, reduce repetitive manual work or redundancy and increase employees’ productivity through operational efficiency.
  • There is complete transparency throughout the process so business owners can make timely business decisions.

BIZ ERP is a customized business ERP solution that can help business owners of small and medium enterprises take control of their businesses.