An easy way to encourage collaboration in your company and increase efficiency is through an ERP solution.  Most importantly, Enterprise Resource Planning is software that helps manage the various business processes for someone not aware of the term yet. Moreover, your company can automate all the back-office functions by using a system of integrated applications. According to a recent survey, more than 80% of the companies have implemented the software in the last few years.

2 Common Types Of ERP Solution

Cloud-Based ERP

Firstly, it is a full suite ERP solution comprising all the vital modules. Secondly, you can either pay a monthly fee or as per your usage. The ERP Software Company in Kolkata will keep the software on the server and access it remotely. In conclusion. there are numerous small, medium, and large-scale businesses using the cloud-based ERP.

Web-Based ERP

You can use the internet to access the entire ERP solution or the desired modules through web-based ERP. However, the primary difference between the web-based and cloud-based ERP is that the former does not require any software or hardware at the client’s end. You can use an HTTPS link to access the system within a web browser. Therefore, the service provider will share the username and password.

Business ERP Solutions

3 Reasons To Use A Business ERP Solution

  • Functionality improves by almost 40%
  • Saves 40% of the total cost of ownership
  • 50% ease of use

Latest ERP Solution Trends Companies Are Adopting

  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things/ Smart tech
  • Mobile

Few Important Factors To Consider When Choosing ERP Software

  • Though it has become an industry trend to upgrade or replace your ERP software, you should first consider your company’s goals. Assess your company’s requirements minutely, and it will become easier for you to decide whether you require new ERP software or just an upgrade. It is advisable to choose an ERP solution that can be modularised to integrate a module according to your company goal.
  • Different departments of a company have different cultures and priorities. Make a list of all your business requirements and check whether a Business ERP Solution in Kolkata can fulfill those. It is advisable to choose a customized solution. The configurable workflows and localized dashboards will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.
  • Know the different integration points to make the ERP solution work with the existing business application. A few of the common integration points are file transfer capabilities, system-to-system, and module-to-system. You can get a flexible workflow with the existing infrastructure.

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