What Are the Different Types of ERP for Manufacturing Companies?

ERP for manufacturing companies is a software solution designed to help companies in the manufacturing industry digitise and make smooth automatic business operations. Manufacturing companies prefer investing in ERP technology to leverage data, utilise resources and make strong business decisions.

Read on to learn more about the different ERP solutions for manufacturing companies.

What are the different types of ERP for manufacturing companies?

Generic ERP software systems
This type of ERP software is general and can be used by companies in different manufacturing sectors. They are not only designed for the manufacturing industry but also generalised software which can be easily used by companies operating in other industries. If your company uses generic ERP solutions, you cannot use the same for any specific needs and functionalities. You’ll be unable to use customised solutions using generic ERP software systems. However, to get the true business values, investing in customised ERP solutions is always advisable. They yield industry-specific results.

On-premise ERP software systems

The manufacturing companies within the industry premises can use this ERP software system. They are locally hosted on computer systems. You cannot use the same when you move outside the office premises. It is a highly customisable and economical option which will give you complete access to your data. Using this type of ERP solution helps to avoid dependency on the vendor. Moreover, this process has limited ongoing costs.

Cloud ERP software systems

Cloud-based ERP software solutions are also a good option for manufacturing companies. It is a flexible, profitable and agile ERP software solution. It helps save money and time. This is also good for the manufacturing company employees who are working remotely. You can secure all the business data and let the employees use it anywhere. Moreover, you can secure all the business data properly with the help of cloud ERP solutions.

Industry vertical ERP software solutions

Vertical ERP software solutions are made especially for industries where the same is being operated. So, industry-vertical ERP software is your best option if you’re looking for customised ERP solutions.

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