What are the Must-Have Qualities of a Good ERP Software?

Are you planning to install a  system that is capable of integrating your organization’s all parts processing? If yes, there are certain qualities that you cannot miss in it. High-quality ERP software in Kolkata not only centralizes the data platform but also incorporates the overall organization infrastructure, making it an ideal solution for all businesses. Here are certain qualities that make ERP software the best.

Features of a Comprehensive ERP Software

Flexibility: Today’s fast-changing business needs a flexible ERP system to facilitate the management of business processes. This makes incorporating changed laws and amendments easier.

Integration: Separate information systems make employees confused. This can lead to missed opportunities and cross-purpose functions. Hence, a centralized view of ERP systems on crucial business operations such as sales, inventory, finances, purchases, and CRM must be paid attention to. You can share this data with all the users to deliver accurate real-time information. This will help them in making wise decisions.

Remote: In this modern age, having an ERP system that can cope with the growing necessity for data in hand anytime, anywhere is only successful. Cloud-based ERP solutions not only encourage remote working but are also more cost-effective than other in-house deployment and IT and maintenance costs. It also allows users to access and share information from anywhere.


Compliance with Industry Regulations:

Each sector has its own set of regulations that they need to adhere to. Hence, there are some standards related to finance that are specific to each country. For example, in India, we have GST and other tax-related requirements. Keeping up with the dynamic regulations is a difficult task. This is why we call ERP software a boon, especially for SMEs. An advanced ERP system makes compliance easier as it can handle all these requirements from the start of every transaction like e-invoicing, e-way billing, TDS and others as applicable.

Implementation: In start-ups and SMEs, employees are expected to do multiple tasks, and they need to work on multiple things at a time. So, you cannot expect them to invest days and even months in understanding the complex functioning of ERP software. Hence, the ERP systems are supposed to be user-friendly so the employees can get used to it seamlessly.

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How Can SMEs Benefit From ERP Integration?

Most small to medium-sized enterprise businesses are unaware of their requirements or where to look regarding business growth. Regardless of the size of the distributor or manufacturer you are, it’s crucial to maintain correct data. This plays a key role in the growth of your business. Here, ERP software comes into play. By installing this software, you can streamline your business process. From purchasing, accounting and financials, sales, inventory and customer ties to operations and human resources, you can manage it all.

ERP solution for SMES helps them to grow faster by focusing more on sales and high-tech developments instead of data management. Here are the advantages of installing software for SMEs.

Advantages of ERP Software Installation For SMEs

Boosts productivity

An ERP software stores all the master data of every sector, segregating the data for customers, vendors, products, routines and production work processes. So, this bunch of data minimizes the work of each sector to submit the data and lowers the risk of maintaining Excel sheets. This reduces the overall process time and boosts productivity.

Structured reporting

ERP software can manage all the manufacturing process data under a single roof so that you can get a complete data chart quickly. This software can generate useful data reports and analytics at any point in time. This also minimizes the risk involved in checking data to generate the final report.

Reduces the cost of data management

ERP solution for SMES minimizes IT costs by managing the data of all departments in a single platform. It helps to minimize the spending resources on various systems that need competent workers, support teams, infrastructure, and licences. ERP software can also reduce the training need of the end users.

Improved efficiency and clarity

By minimizing the time required to manage data, ERP software boosts the efficiency of workers using single data management platforms. This also improves data accessibility and ensures top-notch efficiency when tracking interdepartmental processes. This allows the management team to easily access data from all sectors daily, weekly and monthly.

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