Why Must Apparel Manufacturers Switch To ERP For Business Growth?

The apparel industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Seasonality, fluctuating demand, operation costs, changing weather and climatic conditions affect its manufacturing, designing, distribution and use.

ERP implementation can transform your business. It can help increase your productivity. But there are still many people who don’t trust ERP. A reliable ERP software company in Kolkata can take all your stress away. Here are some important reasons to implement ERP in the apparel industry.

Reasons You Need ERP For The Growth of Your Apparel Business

First, take a dig into the challenges that apparel manufacturers experience.

Challenges in the Apparel Industry that Hinder Their Growth
  • No Integration: This industry requires tight coordination among every department like fabric store, sampling, spreading and cutting, sewing etc. Integrated software can bring all the departments together.
  • Inventory Stock-outs: You can hurt your customer expectation or even lose your business if you can’t fulfil orders or if costs are too high than the carrying costs of excessive inventory.
  • Least data Security: There are some documents often neglected due to a lack of appropriate management and security channels. Some examples of such documents include purchase, sales and manufacturing orders, HR files, fact sheets etc. Having all of this data in cloud storage can offer maximum security and easy access.

An ERP system can automate the entire process. This will even reduce costs and ensure a smooth flow between different departments.

Key Benefits of ERP For Apparel Business

Efficient work allocation

A specific ERP software can generate orders automatically. You can track order status, alter BOMs and designs, transfer BOMs to work orders and perform various other activities with just a single software. It helps you manage your time efficiently.

Material requirement planning

Meeting the dynamic demands of customers isn’t easy. ERP allows manufacturers to get an overview of materials and other relevant resources. This helps them to avoid inventory stock out or overflow. You can make better decisions with easy access to all the business data.

Reduced administrative costs

You can store all your customer information in one database and streamline processes. This eventually reduces the labour cost that you might require to handle transactions. All the required information is accessible with a click and reduces the cost by avoiding paperwork.

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