Solve Various Issues In The Garment Industry With ERP Software

Digital disruption is quite common in the garment or fashion industry as you have to take care of labour, product sourcing and supply chain to sales. Fashion brands require a digital mindset to fulfil the unique needs of their customers. Garment manufacturers have to effectively respond to rapid changes which impact their finances, operations and production. If you are a part of the garment industry, you have to be flexible and take the necessary actions to increase operational efficiency, financial flexibility and productivity. You can choose the right ERP for the garment industry if you know the major problems faced by manufacturers.

Common Issues Faced By Garment Manufacturers And How Can ERP Software Help

  • Look After Customer Shifts

It might become a challenge for manufacturers to progress with proper inventory levels if they can’t follow consumer behaviour and how their preferences are changing. They will require more raw materials, labour costs and quality control if there are fast turnaround times for small orders. If manufacturers can’t keep themselves at par with the quick change in demand, the cost of the entire supply chain will increase unexpectedly. You can integrate information and processes with fashion ERP software. You can even expect better levels of collaboration.

  • Product Sourcing

Cost-effective product sourcing has become an integral part of the fashion industry. Businesses sourcing internationally might have a tough time keeping at par with the trade regulations, politics, and financial and culture issues. Keeping up with these issues is necessary to ensure the success of a business. Choose the right ERP for Garment Industry and you can track and manage the costs associated with production and raw material sourcing. It also includes tariffs and transportation. You can even ask the company customising ERP solutions to add a vendor portal solution which will automate the process.

  • Minimise Waste

If your focus is on sustainability and minimising waste in the garment industry, start looking for a reputable company designing and developing ERP software. It has become mandatory for fashion businesses to incorporate sustainable practices which will help them reduce their carbon footprint and fight against waste generation. ERP software for the garment industry is specially designed to manage and control costs during the manufacturing process and reduce the usage of raw materials like fabric scraps. You can even reduce labour costs and increase garment manufacturing efficiency.

Since you are now aware of the common issues faced by garment manufacturers and how an ERP software can help, it’s time you customise your Biz ERP software.


Support Your Garments Business During The Pandemic With An ERP Software

A few factors that have affected numerous companies’ productivity during the pandemic are a disruption to work, loss of person-hours, and downtime. Some of the companies have allowed their employees to work from home, resulting in serious flaws and deterioration in the quality of their work. Most importantly, an easy way you can support your business during the pandemic is with ERP software.

Impact Of Pandemic On The Garments Industry

One of the industries which have received a heavy flow in productivity is garments manufacturing. During the pandemic, numerous things were delayed, like discussions, approvals, productivity, support, payments, and invoices, finally affecting the cash flow. Therefore, an easy way you can support your garments business during the pandemic is with ERP software.

How Can The ERP Software Help?

The primary task of ERP software is to integrate all the core processes into one system. Most importantly can boost the productivity and efficiency of your business operations. A few of its important modules are,

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Supply Chain
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Management

Numerous business owners could realize the importance of ERP software during the pandemic. Coronavirus is a global crisis which had affected businesses worldwide. However, some countries have lifted lockdown and other restrictions. As a result, they still have to follow some preventive measures. There is a lack of cash flow, and liquidity is at stake.

Garment Industry

Choose The Right Company For ERP Software Development

If you don’t want your garments manufacturing company to shut down, you should start looking for a company offering ERP for the garment industry. You can use it to automate regular tasks of your business and integrate key operations to improve performance and ensure uninterrupted productivity. The software will digitize your business so you can work remotely without any hassle.  You can analyze performance, transfer data, evaluate business profitability, approve things, make faster decisions, and monitor progress.

Few Benefits Of Choosing The Right ERP Solution

Keeping your business running during the pandemic will become easier with the right ERP for Garments Manufacturing. Firstly, you can use it to administer business operations; secondly, automate regular tasks; thirdly, generate one-touch reports, transfer data; in conclusion, fetch real-time information. And keep your productivity intact. However, you can use the software to employ business intelligence and artificial intelligence, reduce your efforts, improve operational excellence, and eliminate vulnerabilities. Few more benefits are,

  • Make decisions faster
  • Automate the reporting process
  • Reduce online security risks
  • Protect data and privacy
  • Proficient operations
  • Feature-rich dashboards
  • Notification and alerts
  • Better control over finance
  • Access controls

Since ERP software can be so beneficial for the garment industry during the pandemic, it’s time you customize the Biz ERP software offered by LNSEL.


Why Should You Install a Business ERP Software for Garments Manufacturing Industry

Running an apparel business is not at all easy. While the industry is flourishing, it should execute the operations and other management processes in a streamlined manner for easy sales, distribution, and accounting. The Business ERP Software for Garments Manufacturing Industry provides several benefits to the apparel companies. For handling the business efficiently, organizing the transactions with consolidated data processing.  

At the most elementary level, the ERP systems help garment industries acquire raw materials, inventory and payroll management, quality control, and more. Implementing the ERP software must maintain consistency, high standards of excellence and benefit from improved sales turnover.  

Reasons to Install ERP Software for Garments Manufacturing Industry 

 Raw Material Management

One of the biggest challenges that the textile industry faces is the management of raw materials. With ERP software solutions, the companies can reduce the liabilities attached to the procurement of raw material or delay in fulfilling bulk orders. It enables automation in calculations to acquire an estimate of the raw materials that are needed. Further, to increase brand value, they also ensure the quality of raw materials. These are a determinant of the condition of the finished good. Therefore, the administration benefits from real-time information regarding manufacturing. It involves stitching, printing, dyeing, labeling, packing, and other standards for quality control.

Garment Industry  

Finance Management in ERP Software for Garments Manufacturing Industry

Most garment enterprises struggle due to cost handling and client management, from assembling multiple orders across different price ranges to the generation of bills, receipts, and more. The management task becomes difficult to execute. By incorporating the comprehensive ERP software, you can create your price list with discount schemes. And keep tabs on outstanding credit limits, make modifications and adjustments for bills. Also, manage sales and purchase ledger, etc. These characteristics enable the garment industry to benefit from better financial analysis.  

Inventory Management  in ERP Software for Garments Manufacturing Industry

To avoid an incompetent inventory, the system needs constant appraisals. With the ERP software system, the company will benefit from the highest standards of inventory management through the effective sorting of merchandise. All the order details are updated, and the sales processing is done through algorithms to maintain overall profit calculation. If there are future variations in selling margin, logistic overhead, or the cost of manufacturing, the executives make modifications by entering the new parameters instead of changing the technicalities of the software. Consequently, the company can minimize their unnecessary collateral risks because of fluctuations in the market that is unavoidable.   

Single Platform Integrated with Multiple Modules

By integrating all the modules to a single platform, the company can benefit from a conjoined data interface. The collaboration of multitudinous facilities streamlines and optimizes the activities happening with the ERP framework, even with the basic routine tasks like data entry, editing, transfer, information access, storage encryption, and more. All the employees get access to similar data, facilitating uninterrupted assistance and functionality within the operational hours.  

For the most advanced and integrated ERP software for Garment Industry, consult BizERP for end-to-end management solutions and scalable workflow. From inventory to stock management, production and account management, quality check, supply chain management, and more, the ERP system facilitates efficient operations while saving on additional costs.