The Role of Cloud-Based ERP Solutions in the Growth of SMEs

The demand for Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solutions is huge in the current scenario. The proper use of this application can ensure a better and effective way of doing business and handling daily operations. ERP solutions have become almost indispensable for various businesses, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

However, in India, one can notice reluctance among SMEs to adopt this technology. One of the reasons is that you have to spend a lot of money to buy and manage ERP software and hardware. But that is not true in all cases. Many small and medium-sized businesses have found that using cloud-based ERP is a cost-effective and flexible alternative. There are many benefits of availing ERP Solution for SMEs, which make the price of this solution reasonable, even minimal on some occasions.

Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for SMEs

Custom Made Solution

When you approach the top ERP Software Company in Kolkata, you can obtain custom applications to match the specific needs of your business. Hence, you can get what exactly you need within your budget. The flexibility of the software will allow you to expand your daily operations to achieve your goals easily.

Minimize Initial Investment

Instead of getting on-site ERP solutions, you can opt for cloud-based ERP for your business and save a good amount of initial investment cost. Cloud-based ERP system offers great assistance to small and mid-sized businesses by saving them from the substantial initial investment.

Cloud Based ERP Solution

Better Security

Companies that design and develop ERPs always pay attention to the security matter of their clients’ data. It will monitor the entire process and will keep the data securely in the cloud network. The integration between the application and supported process and data is not an issue.

Reduce the Application of In-House Technical Staff

The use of cloud-based ERP solutions for SMEs means minimizing the need to hire on-site technical staff. It will save a good amount of monthly expenses for small and mid-sized enterprises, which is a big matter. With the cloud, there is no need to install and maintain additional hardware, eliminating the need to hire an in-house technical team.

Low Maintenance Cost

Most of the companies offer one-year free maintenance for their ERP solutions for the first year. Later also you can enjoy flawless and regular maintenance of your cloud-based ERP system at a competitive cost.

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How To Choose The Best ERP Solution Strategy For Your Business

An easy way to encourage collaboration in your company and increase efficiency is through an ERP solution.  Most importantly, Enterprise Resource Planning is software that helps manage the various business processes for someone not aware of the term yet. Moreover, your company can automate all the back-office functions by using a system of integrated applications. According to a recent survey, more than 80% of the companies have implemented the software in the last few years.

2 Common Types Of ERP Solution

Cloud-Based ERP

Firstly, it is a full suite ERP solution comprising all the vital modules. Secondly, you can either pay a monthly fee or as per your usage. The ERP Software Company in Kolkata will keep the software on the server and access it remotely. In conclusion. there are numerous small, medium, and large-scale businesses using the cloud-based ERP.

Web-Based ERP

You can use the internet to access the entire ERP solution or the desired modules through web-based ERP. However, the primary difference between the web-based and cloud-based ERP is that the former does not require any software or hardware at the client’s end. You can use an HTTPS link to access the system within a web browser. Therefore, the service provider will share the username and password.

Business ERP Solutions

3 Reasons To Use A Business ERP Solution

  • Functionality improves by almost 40%
  • Saves 40% of the total cost of ownership
  • 50% ease of use

Latest ERP Solution Trends Companies Are Adopting

  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things/ Smart tech
  • Mobile

Few Important Factors To Consider When Choosing ERP Software

  • Though it has become an industry trend to upgrade or replace your ERP software, you should first consider your company’s goals. Assess your company’s requirements minutely, and it will become easier for you to decide whether you require new ERP software or just an upgrade. It is advisable to choose an ERP solution that can be modularised to integrate a module according to your company goal.
  • Different departments of a company have different cultures and priorities. Make a list of all your business requirements and check whether a Business ERP Solution in Kolkata can fulfill those. It is advisable to choose a customized solution. The configurable workflows and localized dashboards will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.
  • Know the different integration points to make the ERP solution work with the existing business application. A few of the common integration points are file transfer capabilities, system-to-system, and module-to-system. You can get a flexible workflow with the existing infrastructure.

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Know Why Should You Use A Business ERP Software In 2021

The pandemic and the subsequent work-from-home facility have bought a new wave in the Enterprise Resource Planning software industry. However, suppose a business owner wants to increase business efficiency to ensure business continuity and improve productivity through business ERP software. In that case, he should first learn how to adapt to the new normal. Similarly, an interesting fact about the software is that it can customize it according to the size of your company. If you are not sure whether you should consider ERP solutions, know more about them.

Few Types of Businesses Which Can Benefit Through Business ERP Software

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Warehousing and Inventory
  • Materials Management
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Customer Relations
  • Purchase or Procurement
  • E-commerce
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing or Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing

ERP Solutions for SMEs

Impact Of COVID On The ERP Industry

There has been a recent spurt in demand for ERP software due to the COVID -19 pandemic. Some businesses have been forced to close their offices to avoid spreading the virus temporarily. It is forcing people to work from home. For instance, business owners have started looking for a suitable Business ERP Solution in Kolkata to keep track of their employees.

Gone are when ERP software was only used by large enterprises and organizations with complex processes and multiple business functions. Recently, a digital transformation wave has made ERP more affordable, accessible, and agile. Numerous small and medium-sized industries are willing to make the most of the software. In addition, the primary objective of the ERP solution is to provide business owners with an integrated and unified system to manage various functions in an organization efficiently.

Importance Of Business ERP Software In The Service Industry

Before the pandemic, small and medium-sized companies depended on on-premises systems to keep track of their employees. Most Importantly, the pandemic has bought a major change in the scenario. To speed track the transition process, for instance, you need a suitable ERP solution. You have to adopt technologies aligning with your business goals. More and more industries are switching to Enterprise Resource Planning.

The right solution helps improve productivity and efficiency and reduces the costs and time required for a specific task. There are some restrictions on non-essential goods and services. Small and medium-sized industries can ensure business sustainability during the pandemic if they gear up for the expedited digital adoption.

Few Benefits Offered By Cloud-Based Business ERP Software

  • In addition, it is an integrated solution that helps in streamlining all the business processes and functions.
  • The solution offers remote access, which makes it suitable for the new normal way of working.
  • Above all, reduce repetitive manual work or redundancy and increase employees’ productivity through operational efficiency.
  • There is complete transparency throughout the process so business owners can make timely business decisions.

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How Does an ERP System help a Chemical Manufacturing Industry?

Chemical-centric ERP systems nowadays use in the majority of the chemical manufacturing industry. They are a bit different from the normal ERP systems. They’ve been customized to suit the needs of the chemical industry solely. Above all, ERP for the chemical industry is helping companies manage processes, upgrade systems, and plan activities to run smoothly.

Implementing ERP for chemical manufacturing doesn’t involve a lot of costs. It is also not a daunting task. Hiring the right kind of certified and professional experts will help you implement and use the system without hindrance.

With digitization taking a toll on every aspect of business and life, now is the ideal time to implement an ERP system within the chemical industry. Rather than keeping a messed-up record, most importantly, chemical companies are focusing on improving the IT part as well. With the help of a good ERP system, they can easily procure, manage vendors, organize supply chain processes and manufacture chemicals as per their needs.

Here Are The Most Important 4 Benefits Of The System Within The Chemical Manufacturing Industry

ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Improves Supply Chain Management

ERP in the chemical industry helps in improved management of supply chain in chemical companies. With the help of the ERP system, the companies can interlink departments like finance, sales, and delivery together. Hence, you can easily digitalize the goods procurement process, monitor the warehouses, and manage the inventories efficiently.

Accelerate Timelines Of Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Some of the ERP systems have in-built artificial intelligence, and machine learning installed can help the chemical companies automatically update documentation, reporting, and log entries of the company. As a result, this helps the companies to reduce the manual documentation process. Since a chemical company has to deal with many formulas and complex solutions, moreover, ERP system helps make the process easier and within the timeline. You can get real-time data now. Thus, the whole process has become faster and more agile.

Improves Response Rate Of Chemical Manufacturing Industry

The chemical and product development process in a chemical manufacturing company is complex. As a result, an ERP system can improve the response rate of the process. Since you’ll get all the data comprehensively, hence the process of manufacturing is expediated. However, the automation and optimization features that every ERP system has installed are actually responsible for speeding up the process.

Great Customer Service

Although the chemical industry doesn’t have to deal directly with consumers all the time, however, customer or client satisfaction is an integral part of the overall process. Companies gain insights into customer’s preferences with the help of pre-installed ERP systems. The systems help in producing better and quicker responses for the customers.

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4 Important Features of Business ERP Solutions for SMEs

Business ERP solutions is a software package that companies use to manage their day to day activities like supply chain, management, HRM and marketing processes. The software successfully collects all business data and organise them successfully. Thus with an organised database, the workflow within the company gets faster. You can provide better customer service to your customers as your systems will become more efficient.

In short, a business ERP solution in Kolkata helps companies to become more customer-centric and productive. Although the system has its own set of drawbacks as well, however, ERP solutions for SMEs have helped them become more professional and profitable nowadays.

Check Out The Major Features Of Business ERP Solutions That Are Beneficial For The Company.

Management of company finances with Business ERP Solutions

 An ERP software system creates a sound financial the information is stored in an organised manner; hence financial statements can be made as and when required. Thus can assess the financial performance of the company easily. It keeps real-time track of all expenses, profits, incomes and losses. Since all modules for the companies are present in the ERP software hence, the management becomes easy.

ERP Solutions for SMEs

Management of customers

CRM or customer relationship management is an inseparable part of ERP. With the help of this software, you can keep a record of all necessary customer information. It helps in keeping track of timely after-sale services. Moreover, the software also maintains data on the preference and demands of the customers, which is helpful for the marketing teams to devise selling and product development strategies.

Management of the supply chain system

The ERP supply chain module helps the company take care of demand, supply, manufacturing status, and distribution. With all the data integrated and organised, the whole supply chain system moves efficiently. It is an important feature of the ERP software that helps SMEs to operate their daily processes without any hindrance.

Management of employees with Business ERP Solutions

HRM is also a part of ERP software. Earlier, maintaining hectic data about employees and making up the payroll process was difficult. Companies had to recruit many people for the job. However, things changed with the introduction of the ERP process. Now payroll management is an easy task. Moreover, the HRM process has now been customised according to the needs of the company. Some of the ERP solutions in HRM include performance measurement, scheduling, talent management and recruitment.

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What are the Benefits of Using ERP in the Food Processing Industry?

ERP software is flexible and powerful business software that helps in the smooth running of the business units. The uses of ERP for the food processing industry have proved to be beneficial. Food industries generally engage with catering to customer’s service needs. Apart from serving the customers, they also need to deal with inventory management, food safety, and distribution and billing. Most importantly, the ERP process comes in handy in this industry as all the details keep intact for a consistent flow of information.

Using ERP for SMEs in Kolkata becomes a trend. To keep control over the business operations in any industry, ERP is of paramount importance. Similarly, to understand the importance of ERP in the food and beverage industry, read on and check the benefits.

Why is ERP Essential in Food Processing Industry?

The answer to this question lies in three major aspects: complying with regulations, product traceability, and quality control. In the food processing industry, these three aspects are of vital importance. Using an ERP system helps to keep a smooth flow at work. Here are a few benefits of the ERP process lists here.

ERP for Food Processing Industry

Ensures inventory traceability for Food Processing Industry

ERP software helps in storing data related to the food product, labeling, packaging, and distribution. As a result, it helps in the traceability of the products and ensures a smooth supply chain process. Thus you can assure that the food processing is taking place at a safe pace.

Raw material management

ERP software helps companies to avoid excess wastage of materials during the production process. It, in turn, improves the quality of the processing units. As soon as the wastes reduce, you will get a high-profit turnover in the company. This allows the food processing units to produce more and keep overstocks to satisfy all the time.

Ensures quality control for Food Processing Industry

ERP software installed within the food processing companies ensures that the food products are labeling effectively, tracking ensure, and detailed documentation has been done. This helps in eliminating the risks of the food materials getting contaminated.

Consistency in recipe management

ERP systems keep track of the recipes that are using for the production of food products. However, if a company keeps changing its recipes, then its quality might go down. With a good ERP system in place, this issue will not arise. The recipes are storing in the system so we can maintain that consistency.

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Effective Ways to Select The Right ERP Solution For Your Small Business

When it comes to small businesses, you should find the best ways to ensure enhanced functionality and organisation. Moreover, ERP is a robust automated solution that helps businesses robustly manage their resources and operations. Most importantly, the decision to choose the correct ERP solution is challenging. However, a successful implementation is necessary for an end-to-end impactful outcome. 

What is an ERP Solution?

ERP implies Enterprise Resource Planning.  Moreover, it serves integrated streamlined functioning, based on automation; to manage core tasks such as the following –

  • Lead Building
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Service procurement
  • Human resources
  • Warehouse Management
  • Compliance and Supply chain management
  • Recruitment
  • Customer relationship building
  • Risk Assessment

Each of these ERP modules will focus on one business area, which facilitates better work output. As a result, the single database access brings unhindered communication and cooperation between employees. Most importantly, it is real-time, consistent and updated. You can store it on-site or on cloud integration. The input of AI and Machine Learning helps with standard advanced business processes. Most importantly, it eliminates human intervention and repetitive manual errors. 

How to Choose the Best ERP Solution for Small Businesses?

Knowing the requirements

Before venturing out on a search to find the ERP solution for small business, know your necessities. It is essential to ascertain that your business needs organisational help. Firstly, however, you should identify the problem areas to address them effectively. Next, Secondly, ensure whether the ERP system can fulfil all requirements adequately. Then, lastly, list down the business areas which need streamlining through integration and automation. Moreover, you can narrow down your choice of ERP.

Understanding business growth

It is very crucial to understand small business ambitions. ERP is a long term investment. Hence it should encourage more business growth. It should work at par with business planning for profitable results. As a result, it should fulfil your present and future goal objectives. 

ERP Solution

Operation in real-time

Real-time data updates are important, especially for small businesses. Firstly, choose a cloud-based database instead of an in-house networking solution. Secondly, you can get these options for the ERP on a sliding scale. Most importantly, this is how small businesses can afford ample data storage.  

Identify the type of ERP Solution.

  • Industry-specific- You can tailor make this software as per the industry where you are working
  • Web-based – This is a cloud-based software and open source. The business gets remote access from any place.
  • Small businesses – It helps small businesses with order management, human resource management and more. It is also a cost-effective system as compared to the others.

Focus on finances in ERP Solution

Accurate spending is vital for small businesses. Proper financial management defines business success. Buy an ERP system that focuses on finance management.  However, look for features like profit tracking, cash flow report, supply chain reports, invoice tracking etc.

Consult BizERP for an end-to-end small business management solution. They provide superior features which help in streamlining operations for integrated performance.